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Why choose Agilisys Product?

Tailored for the public sector

Our GenAI products are purpose-built with the public sector in mind. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by government agencies and healthcare providers organizations.

20+ years of experience

With over two decades of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the public sector's intricacies. Our extensive knowledge allows us to navigate regulatory environments, security concerns, and data privacy requirements seamlessly.

Market-leading product development

At the heart of GenAI lies our market-leading product development capabilities. We stay ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest advancements in AI technology into our products.

NHS Complaints Solution

Our NHS Complaints Solution enables Trusts to effectively triage and manage large volumes of complaints, reducing effort and response time.

Social Care Suite

Our solution leverages Generative AI to augment and optimise a range of functions within social care. These tools help save social workers' time, improve consistency for a council, and improve citizen engagement with social care.


QuickAction uses the power of GenAI to help your teams build useful tools for your organisation. QuickAction is a secure platform with a wide range of use-cases, enabling repeatable prompts and outputs within an encrypted secure environment.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

Dealing with FOI requests is labour intensive and time-consuming. The Agilisys FOI Response tool assists your teams in the triaging and preparation of responses, automating formatting, exemptions and redactions.

Hive Learning

Hive Learning enables you to deliver programs that match business skill needs. Say goodbye to months spent on outdated learning content and unlock your team’s potential with an interactive learning portal, powered by GenAI.

Did Not Attend Solution (DNA)

By helping Trusts predict a patient’s risk of non-attendance, our Did Not Attend solution helps avoid missed appointments, which are costing the NHS an estimated £1.4b annually. By optimising usage we can help you to efficiently assign resources and reduce wasted time.

More solutions for you

Heme Health

Heme Health is a digital health platform for patients to manage their health & doctors to use in their workflow with AI-virtual health assistant, health report/prescription explanations.


Delfy enables you to build into your workflows automatable, triggerable, on demand actions that enable you to better use your content. Unlocking your unique corpus of content.


CommsCoach helps you deliver better quality client conversations. Get 100% confident in the quality of your customer conversations – compliance and QA made easy.


Kloo leverages the latest in GenAI technology to empower businesses to spend with confidence and transforms the efficiency of finance teams.

Blue Badge Application Scoring

Streamline manual and lengthy Blue Badge Application reviews. Automatically assess around 2,500 monthly applications, remove manual scoring.

Length of Stay Predictor

Leverage GenAI to predict LOS for patients at admission and after every update in treatment/symptoms to create a dynamic and accurate forecast of estimated date of discharge.​​

Local Council Chat Bot

Tackle prolonged and challenging interactions between citizens and their local authorities. Shorten wait times, eliminate workload of your employees, and provide accessible support for all citizens.

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